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Compulsive Hoarding | OCD | Progress Report

Heritability of OCD symptom subtypes

A new study conducted by our group in collaboration with other US, European, and South African sites has confirmed that there are five major symptom subtypes of OCD, including contamination/cleaning, taboo (sexual, religious, and aggressive obsessions), doubts (fears of causing harm and frequent checking), hoarding/symmetry, and rituals/superstitions. Although any given individual […]

ADHD | Compulsive Hoarding | OCD | Progress Report

Link between OCD, ADHD, and hoarding

A recent study conducted by our group, and led by Brooke Sheppard, shows that the rate of ADHD is twice as high in individuals with childhood-onset OCD than in the general population (12% vs 6%).  Rates of ADHD (mostly the inattentive subtype) were even higher among individuals who had compulsive hoarding […]

Progress Report | Tourette Syndrome/Tic Disorders

New funding for TS genetics study

The Tourette Syndrome Association International Consortium for Genetics (TSAICG), of which we are a part, has recently received funding from the National Institutes of Health to recruit 3000 individuals with TS for ongoing genetic studies.  Recruitment and assessment will be done via the web.  The website should be active by early […]

OCD | Progress Report

OCD genetics update

We have recently obtained genotype data on 36 OCD-affected families from within the US.  This provides us with a powerful sample for genetic linkage analysis. We hope to begin analysis of these families in the next month.  However, we are continuing to recruit and enroll OCD families for our genetic studies. […]