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ADHD | Compulsive Hoarding | OCD | Progress Report

Link between OCD, ADHD, and hoarding

A recent study conducted by our group, and led by Brooke Sheppard, shows that the rate of ADHD is twice as high in individuals with childhood-onset OCD than in the general population (12% vs 6%).  Rates of ADHD (mostly the inattentive subtype) were even higher among individuals who had compulsive hoarding symptoms, where the risk was increased 9-fold.  40% of individuals with childhood-onset OCD and hoarding symptoms had ADHD.  ADHD was not associated with any other psychiatric comorbidity (such as depression) in this study, which is in press in Depression and Anxiety.

This work was also presented at the Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA) meeting in March 2010. View the poster here: ADAA OCD-ADHD 2010