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Now recruiting participants!

Recruitment of participants is ongoing for our studies of neurocognition in OCD and compulsive hoarding.  Both individuals with non-hoarding type OCD (and their family members) and healthy controls without OCD or hoarding symptoms are needed.  Please contact us using the link at the above right  for more information and to participate.

News | OCD

Costa Rican study implicates the ryanodine receptor in OCD

A new study published by our group this month provides evidence of genetic linkage to a region of chromosome 15 in several OCD families from the Central Valley of Costa Rica.  This study, which shows the strongest genetic evidence of linkage for OCD to date, implicates the ryanodine receptor 3 gene […]

Compulsive Hoarding | OCD

Come meet us at the SF-MHA Annual Conference on Hoarding and Cluttering

The annual San Francisco Mental Health Association Conference on Hoarding and Cluttering will take place on March 10 at the St. Mary’s Cathedral.  We will have several posters and a table for research participation.  Come and see us there to find out what we’re up to and how you can help! […]

Compulsive Hoarding | OCD | Progress Report

OCD symptom subtypes

Our group, in conjunction with several colleagues, has recently examined the symptom patterns of OCD symptoms, and has determined the heritability of these symptom profiles.  In a study using over 1200 individuals with a lifetime history of OCD, we identified five primary symptom subtypes: 1) contamination/cleaning symptoms 2) taboo symptoms (aggressive, sexual, […]

Compulsive Hoarding | OCD | Progress Report

Heritability of OCD symptom subtypes

A new study conducted by our group in collaboration with other US, European, and South African sites has confirmed that there are five major symptom subtypes of OCD, including contamination/cleaning, taboo (sexual, religious, and aggressive obsessions), doubts (fears of causing harm and frequent checking), hoarding/symmetry, and rituals/superstitions. Although any given individual […]