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The COVID-19 pandemic exposes healthcare workers to high levels of stress, which increase their risk of developing PTSD and other anxiety-related disorders. Our lab is developing a new online screening tool that measures persistent temperament (i.e., negative and positive affect), coping styles, and treatment seeking behavior in relation to psychopathological symptoms following COVID-19 exposure to identify both vulnerability and protective factors.

We will be recruiting 500 people working in a healthcare setting (e.g., physicians, nurses, medical students, residents, housekeeping staff, sitters, clerical staff, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, social workers, etc.) from healthcare systems across the US. Participants will complete an online screening once a month for eight months which probes COVID-19 trauma exposure, temperament, and psychopathological symptomology. The effects of temperament and coping on the developmental trajectory and nature of psychopathological disorder will be investigated. The development of this online screening will be useful in future research investigating not only pandemic-related stress, but traumatic exposure occurring in any stressful context.